Extra Long Handle

4 piece telescopic aluminium extra long handle is the longest handle available. Extending from 1.3 M to 4.5 M, and fixing at required length with locking screws for difficult sampling points

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Extra Long Handle – 4 piece telescopic aluminium. Extends from 1.3m to 4.5m. Sections lock with thumb screws.

In most situations, a container on a telescopic handle is a vast improvement over the old “can on a rope”. The container can be positioned to take the sample in the middle of the stream, or under a discharging pipe. Samples can be taken through bushes and brambles and an accurate sample taken without dragging the stream bed and dislodging sediment.

Please Note: Standard Handles are made of fibreglass and do not conduct electricity. Short and XL Handles are made of Aluminium and will conduct electricity. Please be aware near pylons and electric fences.

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Dimensions 1.34.5 cm